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                 When I was growing up I watched middle to lower class people garbage pick and I always wondered why! Why not just buy a couch like that brand new or buy a refrigerator brand new. As I grew older I realized everybody didn't have the means to live like everybody else and they had to get what they could to live the best that they could. My grandfather once took an end table that was thrown in the garbage and repainted it and made it look brand new. He looked at me and said one mans garbage is another mans treasure.

                  So we decided that everyone needs help with many tasks in life that just don't fit in their schedule, and that's where we come in helping our hard working community members with junk removal, snow removal, leaf removal, power washing, moving, packing and unpacking. Helping those who just don't have the time in their busy work schedules to do it themselves.

                  While we help the busy working community we also help the struggling community with the 

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